Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Incomprehensible Grumblings: Rumors and News - Nasum, Gridlink, Pig Destroyer, Burnt By The Sun, DEP

Nasum has inspired it's agonal breath, one last post-coital death spasm before the last nail is driven into the coffin and it's set on fire and cast away into the ocean. The Swedish Grinders who defibrillated the genre are making one final little go around of the states kicking things off in Chicago on May 18th. Taking over vocal duties for the mini-tour will appropriately be Rotten Sound vocalist Keijo Niinimaa. Experimental Grind legends Brutal Truth and seminal hardcore act Dropdead will be opening on select dates. Check out the bands Facebook page for show info: http://www.facebook.com/NasumBand. Gridlink has confirmed via social media sites that work is being done on the band's third album, tentatively titled 'Longhena'.  A recent posting on the band's Facebook page states "The third GridLink record is going to surprise some of our old fans. Not sure if that will be good or bad. LOL -  And no, it will not be a Facepalm Death Harmony Greed Corruption Exit Wound Killing kind of surprise." The band recently posted that tentative song titles include 'The Last Raven', 'Claymore', 'A Bitter Obligation', 'Basilisk Raid Cradle', 'Longhena', and 'Sunlight Fragment In Snow'. After showing up on extreme music 'most anticipated' lists for the last three years Pig Destroyer guitarist Scott Hull recently confirmed that a new album will be released this year in the general region of the Spring/Summer season. Drummer Brian Harvey parted ways with the group for reasons undisclosed to the public and in July of last year the band announced Misery Index drummer Adam Jarvis to be his replacement. Hull states that the album contains some of the band's strongest work to date. Pig Destroyer were recently invited to play the Music Northwest Fest in Portland where they premiered three new tracks, see what you can make out from the clusterfuck (in a good way) here. The Argonauts, the new Jersey band recently formed from members of Burnt By The Sun, Dillinger Escape Plan and The Postman Syndrome, have recently posted a 55 second practice snippet of one of their new tracks. The group is currently playing local shows and recording a new album. Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Greg Puciato has joined forces with ex-Sepultura/current Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera to collaborate on an album of "thrash brutality" that the group has quoted is a sort of 'Nailbomb 2' - type project. Mars Volta percussionist Cedric Bixlar-Zavala and Converge bassist Nate Newton are rumored to round out the as-of-yet unnamed project.

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