Friday, January 29, 2016

Album Review: Coffin Birth - 'Necrotic Liquefacation'

Following in the arterial spray of way awesome Australian powerviolence/grind peers like Extortion, Agents of Abhorrence, Manhunt and (less awesome) Captain Cleanoff, comes the next great export Coffin Birth. Though they share a paragraph and continent with good company, their sound is more akin to the aural battering of Insect Warfare, with the striding hooks and groove of Abuse/Noise-era Wormrot surgically stitched in. Goddamn that's a lot of name dropping. Their 2014 nine track / nine minute collection of vitriol titled Necrotic Liquefacation is as fucking enjoyable a pummeling as a pummeling could be. The production is dense and impellent, never really allowing itself to indulge in the cliche' ulterior of the genre which would be taking full advantage of their thickness and slowing things down to doomy crawls - by NOT doing that they really keep things interesting and make every minute count. Not to mention the fantastic catchiness of actual rhythm breaks used sparingly enough to make the whole record stand out from what could otherwise be misconstrued as another almost mediocre gore-grind act at first and second listens (in sound not visual format) . One could eeeeasily lose their shit half-way through either or both 'Pixelated Beyond Recognition' and '101 Ways Not To Become A Martyr'... There's even a triumphant battering of riffage in the middle of closer 'Avian Anthrax Terror Attack'. Necrotic Liquefacation is belligerent, driving and playful all at the same time; like being sexually assaulted by a Grizzly Bear - so I've heard. If I'd had known about it and was making best of lists at the time this fucker would have wound up somewhere at the top of the heap back in 2014 (somewhere between Gridlink's Longhena and Cloud Rat's Blind River - more name dropping!!!). It's really good, and I'm not even all that huge an Insect Warfare fan (gulp)! No new ground being broken or boundaries being pushed, but a good execution and revitalizing of a sound that some of us may be growing numb to. Check it out hither:

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